Mr. Needy Guy

Mr. Needy Guy was a little research project I turned in at the end of my AI class. It's basically a smiley face that has a certain set of needs that increase over time until fulfilled. While fulfilling a need certain other needs will rise at a faster rate. For example, when Mr. Needy goes to the fridge to get some food it will become more urgent for him to go to the bathroom.

After I was done writing it I was rather surprised to see how it reacted to certain situations. Like when while it was on its way to bed it would decide it's too hungry to sleep yet, so it would stop, change direction, grab a snack and then go to bed, but sometimes only after it went to the bathroom first :)

This is what I ended up with:
(Not a pre-made video, it's running in real time)

Tools and languages used:
* Adobe Flash CS3
* ActionScript 2.0 (I know it's a bit out of date, but I never really took the time to learn 3.0 yet)

See attachment for source code which was embedded in the first frame of the scene. The FLA file attached is the whole project with source and art, and requires Adobe Flash CS3 to view.

NeedyGuy.fla283.5 KB
source.txt3.65 KB


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