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Resume Jonny Lerner

Unreleased Physics Based Puzzle Platformer (in development)
  • Created a gameplay prototype where the player can freely resize the world around him, that was then purchased by Disney Mobile.
  • Implemented physical properties of the player as they smoothly go between sizes.
  • Authored the technical documentation to be used in the development of the title.

AppMates: Cars 2

  • Sandbox game exclusive to iPad which uses a physical toy that can be recognized by the app.
  • Implemented voice over management system that enabled the dynamic use of over 3000 lines without any memory or performance concerns. The system was supported by a compressed format of a parsed Excel sheet.
  • Worked as the only programmer on 4 mini-games that are accessible from within the game and utilize the toy technology, where each game is complete enough to stand on its own.
  • Implemented interactable AI for world ambient NPCs.


  • Puzzle/Action title for the iPhone and iPad
  • Used Unity3D C# API to build all of the game elements, from player controls, to attacks, behaviors, as well as optimization tools within the engine
  • Worked as the only programmer on the project for the majority of the time, along with 3 artists, an animator and a designer
  • Used additional plugins to Unity: iTween, Sprite Manager 2, EZGui and Vectrosity, some of which required modifications

Man Vs Wild: The Game

  • Upcoming title for Wii, PS3 and XBox 360, based on the popular show on the Discovery Channel, built using Vicious Engine 2.6
  • Implemented many navigational elements like general movement, climbing on/over practically any obstacle, wall climbing, balance cross, etc.
  • Implemented most of the game's special effects through shaders, as well as optimized other shaders, while also extending the functionality of the built-in shader editor
  • Some of these effects include:
    • Bloom and Masked Blurs
    • Gradual wetness of characters
    • Rim lighting
  • Manage many aspects of script implementation procedures in terms of streamlining things before they're given to designers

Singularity Engine

  • DirectX based engine, developed by 4 programmers
  • Used in 4 games developed in parallel by separate teams, each of which had a programmer on the engine team
  • Includes a complete tech document
  • Responsibilities: Input, timing, 3D picking systems and QA.

Tribes of the Eternal Moon (TotEM)

  • Role in development: Technology lead
  • Fully featured 3D RTS, developed by 4 programmers and 1 artist
  • Includes full design and tech documentation
  • Main responsibilities:
    • Engine integration – the above mentioned Singularity Engine
    • Navigation mesh as precompiled path planning system
    • Scene and Navigation mesh exporter plugin for Maya 2009 using the Maya API
    • Terrain picking and following – using BVH
    • Camera system – through view and projection matrix manipulations
    • Shaders – both render time and post effects in HLSL


  • Role in development: Technology lead
  • First fully fledged game project, developed by a team of 4 programmers
  • Includes full design and tech documentation
  • Firsthand experience with FMod
  • Extended use of advanced design patterns – Singletons, FSM, etc.
  • Main Responsibilities:
    • Rendering – using Direct3D sprites in 2D.
    • Collision – through simple vector math.
    • Dynamic tile engine – the players could create their own levels in game

Vector Wars

  • Solo project
  • First attempt at making a full game
  • Geometry wars used as inspiration
  • All of the graphics, such as text, enemies, the player and special effects, were created entirely and exclusively out of line segments
  • Used as introduction to the DirectX API

Education Additional info:

Full Sail University

  • Final GPA: 3.14 out of 4.0
  • B.S. Degree, Game Development
  • Duration: December 2007 to September 2009
Service in the Israeli military
  • Three years in active duty: August 2004 to August 2007
  • Rank: Staff Sergeant (Samal Rishon)



C, C++, C#, Pascal, x86 Assembly, GLSL, HLSL, Cg, Lua


Unity3D C# and JS, OpenGL, Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectInput, Maya, Windows, FMod, WinSock


Trigonometry, Linear Algebra (Vector/Matrix math), Physics

AI & Data Structures

STL, Navigation Mesh, Pathfinding (A*, Uniform Cost, etc.), Finite State Machine, Genetic Algorithms, Bounding Volume Heirarchy (BVH)


Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008, Alienbrain, SVN, XML

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Jonathan Lerner
Reseda, CA
Phone: (818) 515 2130