This was my first experience in developing with a team. Sadly, though, some of my team members had issues that prevented this game from being fully completed, but the very most of it is there.

I was the tech lead on this game, and I was in charge of creating the particle system and editor, as well as most of the tile-based level editor, and the in-game interface for placing tiles. I also did all of the collision detection and responses in the game.

The game itself is pretty simple, and it's basically like mini golf, but with a little twist. Instead of using a club to putt the ball ("seed" in our game) we use wind mechanics, so the ball slowly accelerates and that can cause some interesting behaviors when a seed is blown near a wall and straight into it.

Here's a link to a RAR with the game: (12MB)

Some screenshots: (click to enlarge)

Main menu
Level selection screen
Game play - preparing to blow the seed
Game play - placing tiles in the level
Trophies screen
Sandbox mode - do whatever you want!


Jonathan Lerner
Reseda, CA
Phone: (818) 515 2130